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Little Sister Turns Out To be The Genius Within a Genius Family

Within the outskirts of England, the Holmes household   home can be discovered. The father died a few years  in the past, and the older sons left shortly after,   so these days the one ones residing there are the  mom Eudoria, the youngest daughter Enola,   and a housekeeper. Enola’s title is “alone” spelled  backward as a result of Eudoria is a large fan of phrase   video games, and he or she desires Enola to be in a position to do properly  on her personal. Enola’s by no means gone farther than the   woods that encompass the home, by no means been to the  metropolis and even a city, however that’s alright as a result of   Eudoria has given her all of the schooling she wants:  science, literature, sports activities, even self-protection.

The two of them are extraordinarily shut, however Eudoria  nonetheless has some secrets and techniques she doesn’t share: Enola   has discovered her having secret conferences with different  ladies in the home. On the morning of Enola’s   sixteenth birthday, she wakes as much as discover her  mom has left in the course of the night time, solely   abandoning a very peculiar present: a field with  a little e-book concerning the language of flowers, a   decoder, and a few playing cards she painted herself.

This  is why Enola is now going to the prepare station to   decide up her brothers Mycroft and Sherlock, the  well-known detective, hoping they’ll assist her discover   the solutions she seeks. It’s been years since  they’ve seen one another so the brothers don’t   acknowledge her at first, however as soon as introductions  are made, issues rapidly get awkward. Mycroft is   extremely judgemental of the state the home  is in and, most significantly, of Enola’s lack   of woman conduct and manners. Sherlock seems  round their mom’s room and involves the   conclusion there wasn’t foul play, Eudoria left  on her personal and he or she wasn’t planning to return.   Later, Enola overhears her brothers speaking whereas  enjoying billiard. It seems the home has been   Mycroft’s, the oldest son, since their dad died,  and Eudoria simply requested to have it for sixteen   years to lift Enola.

Mycroft hadn’t seen Sherlock  in months as a result of he by no means cared about his household,   he’s solely confirmed up now as a result of there’s a thriller  to resolve. In Mycroft’s opinion, the fitting factor   to do is to ship Enola to a boarding faculty so  she will study to be a correct woman. The subsequent day,   Miss Harrison arrives. She’s a stern instructor  employed by Mycroft to interrupt and reshape his sister,   and Enola can’t stand her. Miss Harrison desires  to vary her whole character, and when Enola   doesn’t hesitate to reply her condescension  with sturdy phrases, Harrison even slaps her.   Enola begs Mycroft for mercy, however he’s caught in  his methods, so she asks Sherlock for assist as a substitute,   however he claims he can’t do something as a result of the  regulation dictates she’s Mycroft’s ward. Damage, Enola   calls him out for laundry his arms on the problem,  mentioning he’s at all times ignored how Mycroft can be   merciless to their mom too.

Needing a distraction,  Enola leaves the home to do some sketching on   high of a tree. Sherlock finds her and joins her,  sharing an anecdote from her childhood that she   didn’t keep in mind: Enola had a pinecone wrapped in  wool known as Sprint that she dragged all over the place like   a canine. Enola calls out Sherlock once more, saying  he by no means visits, and when he tries to make use of the   work excuse, she factors out he by no means writes her  both. Sherlock calls Eudoria leaving a thriller,   which will get on Enola’s nerves, however he reminds her  to not be emotional if she desires to see the reality.   Within the night, Enola takes a new take a look at her  present to search out that reality. Since Eudoria appreciated phrase   video games, Enola begins rearranging the letters on her  message and discovers her mom desires her to look   at a portray she made. Hidden behind the canvas,  she finds an envelope with cash and one other card   painted by Eudoria.

Enola takes this as a signal to  take this significantly, so she escapes the home in   the nighttime carrying Sherlock’s outdated  garments. She arrives on the prepare station the   subsequent day and notices the noble Tewkesbury household  searching for their son. They don’t board along with her,   however their worker Linthorn does. When Enola finds  an empty carriage, she discovers she isn’t alone   in spite of everything: from inside a bag comes out a younger  man who seems to be Viscount Tewkesbury.   He paid a porter to sneak him in so he might  escape his household, however Enola doesn’t care – she   doesn’t need him to compromise her mission, so she  kicks him out after warning him about Linthorn.   Nonetheless, Tewkesbury returns seconds later,  anxious and scared as a result of he noticed Linthorn   testing each carriage. Enola decides she’d  be the one to depart the carriage as a substitute then,   however she barely makes it a few steps away  earlier than she hears Linthorn attacking Tewkesbury.

Feeling responsible about not doing the fitting factor,  she comes again and hits Linthorn along with his cane,   stopping him from throwing Tewkesbury off  the prepare. Enola catches him simply in time   they usually run by way of the corridors collectively,  however as she realizes they don’t have any escape,   there’s just one factor left to do:  when the prepare passes by a grassy space,   they leap off the prepare. In the meantime, Sherlock  is wanting round the home for clues once more,   pondering his sister disappearing can also be a part of  the thriller. The housekeeper calls him out for   pondering like that the identical method Enola did, and  after mentioning the lady left her some cash,   she asks Sherlock to not abandon his sister  once more as a result of Mycroft’s contacting the police   to search out her. Again to the youngsters, they agree  to go to London collectively. When the time comes   to camp for the night time, Tewkesbury makes use of the  foraging data his useless father taught him   to search out some edible crops. Whereas they bond over  their bizarre households and their fears of residing   a life that isn’t fitted to them, Enola cuts  Tewkesbury’s hair so he’s tougher to determine.

Within the morning, they hitch a trip to London, the place  they half methods. Having by no means visited town,   Enola is sort of overwhelmed, particularly since  there are numerous protesters on the streets   chanting in favor or in opposition to the Reform Invoice that  would permit ladies to vote, to not point out there   are indicators all over the place with Tewkesbury’s face,  providing a reward for him. Enola decides the   first step is to accumulate a disguise, and understanding  how Mycroft would’ve described her to the cops,   she decides the right disguise is correct woman  garments. Within the meantime, Sherlock has turned   down the case of Tewkesbury’s disappearance  as a result of he desires to search out his mom and sister.

Ignoring Mycroft’s protest in opposition to that call,  Sherlock finds a clue within the information of two boys   leaping off the prepare. After buying woman  garments and renting a room for her keep in London,   Enola begins engaged on the following step of her  plan. She publishes some cryptic messages within the   newspaper private ads, then visits the  solely deal with Enola’s ever seen Eudoria write to:   a teahouse. As soon as there, she hears some bizarre  noises coming from the primary ground and goes   upstairs to test it out, that is how she finds  Edith’s jujitsu academy for girls. Edith had been   Enola’s first instructor, and whereas Enola doesn’t  keep in mind her from these days, she does notice   Edith is likely one of the ladies that attended  Eudoria’s secret conferences.

Edith refuses to   share details about the form of work Eudoria’s  concerned in so Enola tries to get it out of her by   drive, however she fails to do the particular corkscrew  transfer and Edith simply defeats her. Earlier than leaving,   Enola sees a field filled with dynamite with a brand  that matches the field that was at her home throughout   Eudoria’s secret conferences. Remembering some  bizarre phrases she heard throughout these conferences,   Enola re-arranges the letters and obtains  an deal with she wastes no time visiting. The   door she finds has a purple ribbon on its lock,  matching those the ladies on the assembly wore.

Enola sneaks inside by way of the window and finds  a lab, pamphlets, and packing containers filled with explosives   that make her notice Eudoria is the chief of  a radical group of suffragettes. On her method out,   she’s attacked by Linthorn, who pushes her inside  a bucket of water to make her confess Tewkesbury’s   whereabouts. Since he doesn’t consider her when she  says she doesn’t know, Enola pretends to drown,   then assaults Linthorn when he’s distracted. The  two of them start to combat, however when Enola fails   the corkscrew once more, Linthorn pushes her into the  lab and tries to stab her with a knife. Enola’s   corset saves her from dying, so then she makes use of the  chemical substances on the desk to ignite the explosives   and escape. Now she is aware of Linthorn is in London,  Enola feels a duty to warn Tewkesbury.

Disguised as a widow, she travels to his household’s  property and tells them she’s Sherlock’s assistant.   Tewkesbury’s mom nearly believes it, however  sadly, Inspector Lestrade, a shut   pal of Sherlock’s from Scotland Yard, is there  and calls out her lie. They start to argue so   Tewkesbury’s mom kicks them out. As soon as outdoors,  Enola asks the gardener about Tewkesbury’s   favourite locations and pays him to swap garments with  her. In the meantime, Sherlock finds Edith too thanks   to some letters Eudoria had hidden in her chimney.  Edith tells him Enola is ok however refuses to present   him any extra info, mentioning Sherlock  doesn’t perceive how essential their work is.   When he explains he thinks politics are boring,  Edith calls him out as one other man that isn’t   fascinating in altering a world that fits him so  properly. Mycroft is having a little assembly of his   personal too: Lestrade finds him to substantiate the lady  he noticed was his sister, and Mycroft guarantees a good   reward if he catches her.

Again to Enola, she goes  into the forest and finds Tewkesbury’s treehouse,   the place he’s left some pretend clues about his  vacation spot in an effort to confuse his household.   Nonetheless, she additionally finds a clue in a e-book about  the true location, however her investigation is   interrupted by Tewkesbury’s grandmother, The  Dowager. The woman guides Enola out of the forest   whereas speaking about how proud she is to have been  given a a part of England’s glory and beliefs to   shield. She calls Enola a “new thinker”, pointing  out that her son and grandson are the identical.   Subsequent, Enola goes to Covent Backyard, the place  she finds Tewkesbury promoting flowers.   She warns him about Linthorn and takes him away  along with her, unaware that indicators along with her face are   now on the streets too. Once they make it to the  lodge, Enola tells Tewkesbury that she noticed clues   within the forest indicating that his father’s dying  hadn’t been an accident however homicide, and now they   need to kill the son too for grasping causes.

Their  dialog is instantly interrupted by Lestrade,   who has come over after the seamstress Enola  purchased the gown from snitched on her for the   reward. After throwing a teapot at Lestrade, Enola  takes Tewkesbury to her room, the place they attempt to   maintain the door closed with a chest. It gained’t maintain  lengthy although, so Enola sacrifices herself and tells   Tewkesbury to flee by way of the window, as a result of  his dying is way worse than her being despatched to   a boarding faculty. Tewkesbury escapes safely  whereas Enola is captured and despatched to Mycroft,   who takes her cash and yells at her, leaving her  in tears. On the boarding faculty, Enola doesn’t   actually slot in, hating each class consisting  of methods to be a correct woman and get a husband.

At nights, her room is at all times stored locked  by Miss Harrison, who likes to remind Enola   her mom deserted her and by no means really cared  for something apart from her trigger. One afternoon,   Enola is visited by Sherlock, who tells her he’s  discovered Edith and the lab however not Eudoria but.   Enola yells at him, bored with being handled like a  clue, so Sherlock confesses he does take care of her,   which earns him some teasing from Enola for being  unusually emotional. Sherlock additionally is aware of about her   involvement within the Tewkesbury’s case, however the true  motive he came to visit is to present Enola outdated Sprint,   which Eudoria had stored beneath her pillow. This  is the proof Enola wanted to be positive her mom   does care. Earlier than leaving, Sherlock leaves Enola  right this moment’s paper, which talks concerning the lords voting   quickly. She’s beginning to see a clue when she’s  interrupted by a supply despatched by Mycroft: a   big, heavy basket.

When she opens it, she finds  Tewkesbury there, who got here to save lots of her. Enola   hides contained in the basket and Tewkesbury takes her  out of the room solely to be discovered by Miss Harrison,   so Tewkesbury makes use of the Mycroft lie once more and says  that is a present he despatched Harrison to solely be opened   in non-public. The basket is taken to Harrison’s  workplace, and when she goes there later to open it,   she solely finds a foolish cartoon Enola has left her.  It seems Enola has escaped by way of the window,   and after assembly Tewkesbury outdoors, they escape  in Harrison’s automobile. They’re purported to return to   London, however Enola decides that to resolve this case  they to take a danger and confront Tewkesbury’s   household. She’s positive the offender behind that is  the uncle, who desires Tewkesbury’s seat on the   voting as a result of the son, similar to his father,  is planning to vote in favor of the reform.

Night time has fallen by the point they make it to the  mansion. Surprisingly, there’s no person round,   which implies they’re anticipated. Linthorn  instantly seems and opens hearth with a rifle,   so the duo hides behind statues. When Linthorn  comes nearer, Enola jumps on him to assault him,   however Linthorn knocks her out. Tewkesbury assaults  him subsequent but additionally fails, so Linthorn will get prepared   to kill him by asphyxiation. Fortuitously, Enola  then wakes up and assaults once more, lastly pulling   off the corkscrew transfer that causes Linthorn  to fall and hit his head in opposition to the banister,   dying after saying he works for England. At that  second, the true offender exhibits up: The Dowager.   She killed her son and now desires her grandson gone  too in an effort to shield the nation’s traditions.   The Dowager shoots Tewkesbury and Enola cries  over his physique, believing him to be useless,   however really, he’s simply wonderful: Tewkesbury had  placed on a piece of armor from one of many statues   whereas Enola was combating Linthorn.

Seeing herself  surrounded, The Dowager surrenders. The subsequent day,   Sherlock visits Lestrade to inform him he’s  found The Dowager is the offender, which   he found out by following some clues from the  newspapers. Lestrade informs him Enola’s already   solved the case, which makes Sherlock proud.  In the meantime, Enola receives a proposal from Tewkesbury   and his mom to stick with them, however she turns it  down as a result of she should carry on searching for Eudoria,   though she does settle for the reward cash.  After promising Tewkesbury that they’ll see   one another once more sooner or later, Enola buys the  newspaper and finds a cryptic message that’s   signed as “mom”.

She rapidly guesses  that is a entice from Sherlock however goes to   the assembly place anyway, conserving her distance  whereas watching her two brothers look ahead to her.   Mycroft, who’s in a unhealthy temper as a result of Tewkesbury’s  vote has helped the reform be accepted,   rapidly provides up and accepts Sherlock’s provide  to make Enola his ward earlier than asking to depart.   On their method out, Sherlock sees Sprint on a close by  statue and is aware of his sister has been there all   alongside. When Enola returns to the brand new lodge she’s  staying at, she finds a large shock in her room:   Eudoria is there ready for her. The two of  them hug and Eudoria explains she didn’t depart   as a result of she didn’t care, she left as a result of she  needed to make a higher world for her daughter.   She’ll quickly depart once more to maintain on combating,  however she tells Enola she’s pleased with every thing   she’s accomplished. Enola is ok with this  as a result of now she’s discovered her personal function,   similar to her mom and her brothers did:  she’ll be a detective and a finder of misplaced souls.

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