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30 Fearless Warriors Decided to Fight an Army of 100,000 Well Trained Soldiers

In 1223, shortly after the Battle of the  Kalka River between the Mongols and varied   Rus’ principalities, a gaggle of Russian males are  touring by way of the forest to hunt. Two of them   have introduced their kids: Nastya, a lady that  likes to play the flute, and Kolovrat, a boy that   goals of turning into a warrior and the prince’s  guard. Sadly, they’re instantly ambushed   by a gaggle of Mongolian troopers led by Commander  Khostovrul.

After shedding her flute, Nastya takes a   horse to city to ask for assist whereas Kolovrat stays  again, attempting to struggle as effectively. All of the Russian   males are killed and Kolovrat grabs two swords to  defend himself, however earlier than he can do something,   Khostovrul throws bolas at his neck and knocks him  out. Fourteen years later, an grownup Kolovrat wakes   up tied to a mattress with no reminiscences and freaks out.  Older Nastya is used to this response and rushes   to his facet to clarify every part: the Mongols had  left him for useless so Kolovrat bought to survive, now   he’s a foreman within the prince’s guard, he’s married  to Nastya they usually’ve had two kids collectively.

Listening to these phrases and strolling round the home  helps Kolovrat bear in mind, however he doesn’t even get   to have breakfast earlier than one of his troopers,  Karkun, comes to choose him up to go to the town   partitions. After they arrive there, Prince Yuri of  Ryazan asks Kolovrat for his recommendation on what to   do concerning the males on horses which might be approaching  the town. As a result of they will’t see their flags but,   Kolovrat tells them to wait earlier than attacking,  and this seems to be the good factor to do:   it’s not the Mongols, it’s one other prince and his  males which have come for the christening of Yuri’s   grandson. Afterward, Kolovrat takes over the  coaching of the troopers.

Yuri’s son Fedor arrives   late as a result of he was busy with the preparations for  the christening of his son, of whom Kolovrat will   be the godfather. Kolovrat asks him to present his  expertise and Fedor gladly takes the problem, however   he solely finally ends up embarrassing himself and leaving.  As soon as coaching is over, Kolovrat returns house with   presents for his household: a bit of hedgehog for his  children, and a brand new flute for his spouse that he’s   carved himself. Nastya loves it and places it in a  field to maintain it secure, however inside that field, Kolovrat   finds dozens of flutes as a result of he’s carved one  for her day by day and retains forgetting about it.   Later, the christening ceremony is interrupted by  a citizen saying that the Mongols are coming.

Everybody runs to cover, however Kolovrat stays with the  child till the priest is completed together with his blessing.   After Yuri and his males discover the massive  quantity of troopers the Mongols are bringing,   they provide orders to shut the gates and never  let anybody go away till they resolve what to do.   The prince holds a gathering to talk about the issue  – Fedor thinks that their Russian warriors are   higher so they may defeat the Mongols even  whereas outnumbered, whereas different advisers assume   they need to pay tribute. This would go away the town  poor however a minimum of they’d survive.

Yuri decides   to purchase time to see if they will ask neighboring  cities for assist, so he desires Fedor to take the   greatest guards and go negotiate with the Mongols.  In the meantime, Kolovrat leaves the assembly within the   center of it to test the state of the town, the place  everyone seems to be panicking and operating to discover shelter.   He bumps into a drugs man referred to as Zakhar that  begs Kolovrat to enable him to exit in trade   for potions, however Kolovrat reminds him that  the town is surrounded and there’s no escape.   Afterward, he returns house solely to discover Yuri there  with an order: Kolovrat should collect his males and go   with Fedor to see the Mongols. Kolovrat doesn’t  assume it’s a good suggestion as a result of of his reminiscence   points, and Nastya agrees with him, breaking down  into tears and begging the prince to rethink.

Nevertheless, Kolovrat is the person Yuri trusts  probably the most, so he doesn’t change his thoughts.   The troopers collect close to the gates to get going.  Karkun goes as effectively, and since they’ll want a   translator, Kolovrat chooses Zakhar to come too  as a result of he understands the Mongols’ language.   Nonetheless nervous about her husband, Nastya brings  over their maid Lada, who simply discovered how to   assist Kolovrat within the mornings so she will go  with him whereas Nastya stays house with the children.   As soon as their wagon is loaded with riches, the group  takes off and travels to the Mongolian camp, the place   they’re directed to the tent of their chief Batu  Khan, grandson of Genghis Khan.

Their choices   are effectively acquired in order that they’re invited to sit and  share some drinks, they usually take the prospect to   ask the Mongols what they need. Batu Khan says  he desires nothing and the Russians got here uninvited,   however he’s interested by their individuals so he’ll have  Ryazan as his first Russian metropolis. Each man that   kneels to Batu Khan will probably be effectively-fed, however Fedor  replies by saying he desires to see Batu Khan kneel   as an alternative. That is taken as an insult so Kolovrat,  who has been looking at Batu’s large map, stands up   and is available in Fedor’s protection, saying their  metropolis will solely be taken over their useless our bodies.

Batu Khan claims he’ll by no means kneel for anybody,  however he respects Kolovrat’s guts, so he presents him   a talisman with a letter of transit. This letter  permits an individual to stroll by way of enemy territory   with out being attacked or harassed. Then, Batu  Khan invitations them to watch a bit of present whereas   they take pleasure in their drinks. This can be a trick to  distract the Russians so the Mongols can ambush   them, however the plan doesn’t work. The desk is  being held by Russian slaves they usually see the   Mongols method, in order that they warn their countrymen  simply in time. A struggle ensues and Kolovrat takes   everybody out of the tent, together with the slaves,  they usually slash their means by way of a bunch of   troopers so as to steal some horses and run  to the forest. Sadly, Fedor is hit by an arrow,   so he decides to keep behind to purchase his pals  a while and is killed by Khostovrul. Batu Khan   doesn’t assume they’re price pursuing and orders  the horde to prepare for an assault as an alternative.

A number of hours later, Kolovrat’s group is having  bother crossing the forest as a result of of an excessive   snowstorm. Instantly, they’re approached by a large  bear, however the animal doesn’t assault as a result of it’s   below the management of fellow Russian Nestor. This  man takes them to an enormous cave to allow them to relaxation   till the storm is over, however Kolovrat refuses to  sleep and asks Nestor for a potion that may maintain   him awake for the sake of his reminiscences. Nevertheless,  Nestor refuses to put together such a factor as a result of he   thinks waking up each morning with no reminiscences  is a blessing that allows you to begin your life anew.   Kolovrat tries his greatest to keep awake in entrance  of the hearth and realizes he nonetheless remembers the   map he noticed again within the tent, so he writes it down  earlier than he forgets.

As soon as the climate calms down,   the group leaves, leaving Nestor behind in his  cave. Nevertheless by the point they return to Ryazan,   it’s too late: the Mongols have already destroyed  the town. Most of the buildings have been hit by   catapults, the principle bell has fallen from its rope,  Yuri was killed by archers, Fedor’s spouse determined   to leap with the newborn earlier than getting caught, and  Nastya with the children stayed in the home till it   collapsed from a fireplace. After discovering the flute  he carved among the many ruins of his house, Kolovrat   gathers his males and collectively they elevate the bell  once more to make it ring so any survivors will come   out from their hideouts.

There aren’t many individuals  left, and varied of these survivors are kids.   Instantly, somebody broadcasts that the  Mongols are coming to end them off,   so Kolovrat rapidly makes a plan. Whereas everybody  hides, he stays below the bell and pretends to   let the Mongols seize him, however as quickly as they  come nearer, Kolovrat assaults. His twin-wielding   of two swords in a round movement is extraordinarily  efficient and kills many enemies in seconds,   and as soon as Kolovrat has lowered their numbers,  his males come out and assist him end them off.

Now that the struggle is over, Kolovrat comes up  with a plan. He sends three messengers to warn   the neighboring cities and ask for his or her assist,  and the kids will probably be despatched to cover in Nestor’s   cave. Kolovrat and the troopers will attempt to make  the horde flip round and maintain them distracted,   they solely want to determine a means to do  that. Fortunately, Zakhar has an thought:   he prepares a particular potion that they pour  into the water the Mongols are ingesting from,   making all of them sick. To verify they get  the message, Kolovrat tears off half of the   letter of transit and ties it to an arrow that  he shoots on the camp for Khostovrul to discover.

The commander sends some troopers after Kolovrat’s  group to get revenge for the water, nevertheless it’s all a   lure: the Russian troopers expect them and  simply kill them with their arrows. As soon as they’re   secure, Kolovrat passes out, not having the ability to keep  awake any longer after three days of not sleeping.   Whereas the group units up camp, Lada ties Kolovrat  to a tree and watches over him whereas praying to   the gods that he falls for her. When night time falls,  Lada wakes Kolovrat up so he can eat one thing.   Nevertheless, she unties him earlier than she’s performed reciting  all of the necessary information for him to bear in mind,   so Kolovrat escapes and assaults his pals. It  takes fairly a quantity of males to maintain him down,   and it’s thanks to Karkun’s phrases that  Kolovrat comes to his senses.

Then,   Kolovrat apologizes to his brothers-in-arms and  comforts a crying Lada. In the meantime, two messengers   safely go away the realm and attain the neighboring  cities, however after they speak to the princes,   they refuse to assist, preferring to keep behind  and shield their properties. The third messenger   is damage and passes out on high of the horse, so  the animal will get misplaced and takes the unsuitable highway.   The next night time, Kolovrat and his males sneak  contained in the Mongolian camp carrying costumes and   face paint to make them assume they’re spirits.  Some troopers run away and the Russians kill   those that don’t to then use the catapults  to assault the Mongols with their very own weapons.

Earlier than leaving, Kolovrat leaves one other arrow  with a chunk of the letter so Khostovrul is aware of   who did this. As revenge, the Mongols seize  the misplaced messenger to torture him. Kolovrat and   his males cover within the forest and go to sleep early,  assured that they’ll get assist in the morning.   Lada tries to lay down subsequent to Kolovrat, unaware  he’s awake, so when he turns to take a look at her,   she thinks he’s waking up and begins reciting the  reminiscences.

This contains pretending to be Nastya,   however Kolovrat calls out her lie earlier than hugging her  and reminding her she’s all he’s bought left from   house. When morning comes, Kolovrat goes deeper  into the forest to test some bizarre noises,   unaware that Lada is following him. That’s how he  finds the third messenger’s useless physique, which was   left there as a lure: now Kolovrat finds himself  surrounded by Mongols. Whereas Lada runs again to   camp to ask for assist, Khostovrul watches with  awe how Kolovrat fights all of the troopers on his   personal as a snowstorm begins blowing round him.

The  commander tries to cease him together with his bolas like   he did years in the past, however this time, Kolovrat stops  them together with his sword. Because the storm will get worse,   Nestor and the bear arrive, killing a bunch  of Mongols and scaring the survivors away.   When the troopers return to their camp, they  inform terrifying tales of what they only noticed.   Khostovrul hadn’t believed the trick of the  spirits, however now he’s seen Kolovrat command   a storm and a bear, he’s beginning to consider as  effectively. Batu Khan is dissatisfied by his males for   believing such issues and orders his military to  flip round, decided to discover a means to show   there’s nothing magical about this struggle.

Again to  the Russians, Nestor frees the bear and joins   Kolovrat’s military, he’s additionally introduced a couple of males with  him from close by villages. The group celebrates   when Karkun returns with some excellent news: identical to  they deliberate, the Mongols are turning round and   following them as an alternative of going after the opposite  cities. There’s just one drawback left: the sleigh   full of kids Nestor had been taking care of  in his cave. Following Zakhar’s thought, Kolovrat   decides that the group will keep behind and maintain  the road whereas Karkun takes Lada and the kids   to the river.

There, they will host the sail on  the sleigh and journey sooner than any horse.   This manner, the survivors can rebuild a brand new  Ryazan sooner or later. After the sleigh leaves,   the lads start engaged on varied traps and wait at  the highest of a hill for the Mongols to arrive. When   Batu Khan lastly will get there, he brings an immense  military with him and wastes no time in sending some   males after the Russians. This primary assault fails  as a result of the troopers fall for the traps and the   archers, which make it tough for the Mongols  to climb up the hill. In the meantime, Karkun finds the   highway blocked, so he frees the horse and asks Lada  and the children to assist him push the sleigh by way of.

The battle on the hill continues. The Mongols  shoot their arrows too and after taking down a couple of   Russians, they lastly climb up and start preventing  Kolovrat’s males hand to hand. Nestor and Zakhar   die whereas Khostovrul comes for his or her chief, however  Kolovrat simply defeats him with a clear minimize of   his two swords. The Mongols nonetheless outnumber them  although, so the Russian troopers slowly fall one   by one, however a minimum of they shield the hilltop lengthy  sufficient for Karkun to attain the river. Nevertheless, he   finds a bit of drawback: the knot across the sail  is frozen they usually don’t have any hearth. Lada makes   the children breathe over the frost, which frees the  rope and permits them to launch the sail, so now   they will escape safely.

With just a few males left,  Kolovrat defeats the remaining Mongols on the high   of the hill and places ups his flag. Batu Khan feels  like they’re being ridiculed and sends a messenger   to discover out what the Russians need, however Kolovrat  offers him again the identical phrases they acquired a couple of   days in the past: they need nothing and the Mongols got here  right here uninvited. As a livid Batu Khan orders   his males to hearth the catapults, Kolovrat notices  the sleigh sail on the river, celebrating the   survivors have managed to escape proper earlier than  he’s knocked out by a rock.

When he wakes up   seconds later, Kolovrat has all his reminiscences, however  finds all his males useless. As a final honorable transfer,   he goes down the hill, defending himself from  any assault by displaying the talisman. Kolovrat   falls to the bottom and tells Batu Khan sooner or later  his individuals can have their revenge, then drops   the talisman on the snow, asking the Mongolian  chief to take it again. Batu Khan does as requested   and Kolovrat smirks, declaring he did make  Batu Khan kneel for him in spite of everything earlier than dying.   Batu Khan is impressed by Kolovrat’s heroics,  saying this is able to be the warrior he trusted the   most if he have been one of his, then asks his males to  give him a hero’s burial. 5 years later, Karkun   is the chief of the Novgorod-Vladimir military. He  conjures up his males by reminding them of Kolovrat’s   sacrifice and noble struggle earlier than guiding them into  what would turn into generally known as the Battle on the Ice.

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